Terms and Conditions

1. Old parcels will be valued at only £30.
2. New parcels maximum refund will be £150.
3. Refund will only be given if proof or purchase is provided.
4. Check your parcel at the time of receiving. Once received, we are no longer liable/responsible for your parcel.
5. Parcel may be disposed of if unnecessary items are put in the parcel without our permission or knowledge.
6. If the parcel has not been received in Pakistan and no enquiry has been made within 10 weeks, we will dispose the parcel without any notice.
7. Parcel will be delivered within 6 to 8 weeks, may be delivered long if custom office closed due to unforeseen circumstances.
8. All delivery will be done subject to custom clearance.
9. If any threats or any abusive language used, there will be no refund and parcel will be disposed without any notice.
10. There is no warranty for any war condition or any force major.
11. Couriers obligations:
11.1 PCS shall use its best endeavours to deliver the goods specified to the delivery address, specified at about or before the time specified.
11.2 PCS shall not be liable for any delay in delivery caused by the unavailability at the deliver address for the consignee or other authorised recipient.
11.3 PCS shall not be liable for loss of or damage to or miss-delivery or delayed delivery of the goods occasioned by:
11.3.1 Act of God; including but not limited to storm tempest or flood.
11.3.2 Act of war hostilities or civil commotion or the threat or fear of such conditions prevailing.
11.3.3 Criminal malicious or negligent actions or acts or omissions of third parties.
11.3.4 Industrial action or unforeseeable traffic conditions, to include any unforeseeable breakdown.
11.3.5 The effect of ionising radiation or uncontrolled nuclear reaction.
11.3.6 Suspension or cancellation of transport services by reason of or of the threat or fear of inclement weather or any of the matters set out in clauses 11.3.1 to 11.3.5 inclusive.
11.3.7 Fire-lighting or explosion.
11.3.8 Seizure under legal process.
11.3.9 Act default or omission of whatever nature of the customer his employees or agents or any person having any interest in the goods.
11.3.10 Insufficient or improper packing labelling or addressing.
12. Customers obligations:
Subject to provisions of this agreement the customer undertakes:
12.1 That in relation the goods, the customer is either solely beneficially entitled to the goods or has the authority of all those interested in the goods to enter into this contract and to bind them its terms.
12.2 In the event of any claim, by any third party against the company arising out of this contract to indemnify the company against the claim, all legal and other costs incurred will be paid by the customer. Except to the extent that the customer establishes that the couriers would have been liable to the customer had the original claim been made by the customer but on the assumption that the customer had retained title to the goods.
12.3 To give any instructions requested by PCS in pursuance of clause above as soon as reasonably practicable.
12.4 To make all payments.
13. Limitation of liability:
13.1 The liability of PCS in the event of loss of or damage to or miss-delivery of the goods (where the couriers liability is not otherwise excluded) shall not exceed the declared value of the goods specified in or otherwise declared by the customer (and pro rate in the case of an event affecting part only of the goods) or the cost of repairing any damage or of reconditioning the goods subject always to a maximum liability of £150 per consignment or part thereof in the case of an event affecting part only of the consignment.
13.2 PCS shall not be liable for any physical loss, miss-delivery or damage to any theft-attractive goods, unless PCS has specifically agreed in writing prior to transit commencing to carry such items and the customer has agreed in writing to reimburse the carrier in respect of all additional costs including insurance costs which result from the carriage of the said items and the loss, miss-delivery or damage is occasioned during transit and is proved to be due to the negligence of the courier its servants or agents.
14. Excluded goods:
14.1 The customer shall not submit for carriage and PCS may at any time abandon the carriage of any goods.
14.2 The following are excluded goods:
14.2.1 Explosive and inflammable articles, firearms (including parts of any firearms ammunition) and detonators.
14.2.2 Dangerous goods.
14.2.3 Any article; the possession of which in or the importation of which into any country from through or to which the carriage is to take place is illegal or prohibited.
14.2.4 Any article prohibited as hand luggage by British Airways/PIA.
14.2.5 Any written printed or pictorial matter which is obscene, blasphemous, scandalous, defamatory, proscribed or prohibited.
15. Transit:
15.1 Transit shall be suspended for any unforeseeable reason.
16. Loading and unloading:
16.1 On collection or delivery, at a senders or consignees premises, PCS shall be under no obligation to provide plant, power or labour for loading or unloading.
17. Dangerous goods:
17.1 PCS does not contract to carry or store dangerous, verminous, infested, contaminated or condemned goods.
18. Time limits for claims:
18.1 In any event, any damaged goods must be made available to the inspection of PCS.
18.2 PCS shall not be liable for any loss or miss-delivery, unless in writing by the customer (otherwise than upon delivery of the couriers documents) within 20 days of transit commencing and the claims is made in writing within 42 days after transit began.
18.3 The courier shall in any event be discharged from all liability whatsoever in respect of the consignment, unless proceedings are commenced within a period of 10 weeks from the termination of transit or in the case of loss or miss-delivery or non-delivery of the whole consignment, from the said 20 days referred to in clause 18.2.
19. Couriers line:
19.1 PCS shall have a general line against the owner of the goods for any money due from the customer or any other owner to the courier and if any such line in not satisfied within a reasonable time, the courier may in its absolute discretion sell all or part of the goods as agent for the owner and apply the proceeds towards the money due and the expenses of retention insurance and sale of the goods and shall on accounting to the customer for an surplus be discharged from all liability whatsoever in respect of the gods.
20. Contract and Terms & Conditions:
20.1 The contract and these terms and conditions shall be construed and governed by the Laws of England.

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